Issue 12, July 2018


£2.2m gigabit capable full fibre project coming to Burgess Hill

Gigabit broadbandGigabit capable Full Fibre broadband is coming to Burgess Hill as part of our broader regeneration and development plans.

We have successfully applied for government funding of £2.2 million so that we can work with the private sector to install gigabit-capable Full Fibre infrastructure in Burgess Hill.

Burgess Hill will see significant development and investment over the next 15 years including 5,000 new homes, new schools, two new business parks, the town centre regeneration, investment in sustainable transport infrastructure and potentially the region’s first science and technology park. The Council has always been clear that growth must come with improved infrastructure and part of that infrastructure must be digital.

With the need for faster connectivity expected to dramatically increase over the coming years, the Council aims to stimulate the market by making the deployment of gigabit-capable full fibre infrastructure more commercially viable. The Burgess Hill project, will see the public and private sector working together to install the gigabit-capable full fibre infrastructure in Burgess Hill as part of the broader regeneration and development plans.

The construction and regeneration work that's planned for Burgess Hill represents a real opportunity to install digital infrastructure, including full fibre, during the construction, road building and regeneration projects. The 'dig once' approach in these areas creates less disruption for residents and can be completed at a very much lower cost than when the same infrastructure is added later.




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