Issue 12, July 2018


£40,000 for Haywards Heath Rugby Club

Haywards Heath Rugby ClubHaywards Heath Rugby Club has been awarded £40,000 to help them pay for much needed improvements at their Whitemans Green clubhouse in Cuckfield.

Earlier this year Mid Sussex District Council received £40,000 as a one-off payment for the installation of a telephone mast at Whitemans Green. The Council has agreed to pass 100% of the money on to Haywards Heath Rugby Club for development work that will benefit all Club members and the local community that uses the facilities at the Club.

Haywards Heath Rugby Club is one of the largest sports clubs in Mid Sussex with two successful senior teams and over 400 children taking part in junior level rugby every weekend. The Club is an important part of the community and immediate investment is required if it is to continue to have an adequate standard of facilities to support the provision of sport and social activities for local people.

The Clubhouse roof is in urgent need of repair, with water leaking into the bar area, function room, front reception and changing rooms. The Club’s boiler is also unreliable, expensive to run and costly to maintain.

As rugby is predominantly a winter sport, a functioning boiler is essential to provide hot water for the kitchen and to heat the showers for up to 70 rugby players and referees on training and match days. If the heating or showers fail the Club is unable to fulfil league fixtures and faces points deductions from league organisers.

The new telephone transmitter has been located on top of the existing training ground floodlights so there was no need to install a separate mast.



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