£40,000 for Haywards Heath Rugby Club

Haywards Heath Rugby ClubHaywards Heath Rugby Club has been awarded £40,000 to help them pay for much needed improvements at their Whitemans Green clubhouse in Cuckfield.

Earlier this year Mid Sussex District Council received £40,000 as a one-off payment for the installation of a telephone mast at Whitemans Green. The Council has agreed to pass 100% of the money on to Haywards Heath Rugby Club for development work that will benefit all Club members and the local community that uses the facilities at the Club.

Haywards Heath Rugby Club is one of the largest sports clubs in Mid Sussex with two successful senior teams and over 400 children taking part in junior level rugby every weekend. The Club is an important part of the community and immediate investment is required if it is to continue to have an adequate standard of facilities to support the provision of sport and social activities for local people.

The Clubhouse roof is in urgent need of repair, with water leaking into the bar area, function room, front reception and changing rooms. The Club’s boiler is also unreliable, expensive to run and costly to maintain.

As rugby is predominantly a winter sport, a functioning boiler is essential to provide hot water for the kitchen and to heat the showers for up to 70 rugby players and referees on training and match days. If the heating or showers fail the Club is unable to fulfil league fixtures and faces points deductions from league organisers.

The new telephone transmitter has been located on top of the existing training ground floodlights so there was no need to install a separate mast.


£2.2m gigabit capable full fibre project coming to Burgess Hill

Gigabit broadbandGigabit capable Full Fibre broadband is coming to Burgess Hill as part of our broader regeneration and development plans.

We have successfully applied for government funding of £2.2 million so that we can work with the private sector to install gigabit-capable Full Fibre infrastructure in Burgess Hill.

Burgess Hill will see significant development and investment over the next 15 years including 5,000 new homes, new schools, two new business parks, the town centre regeneration, investment in sustainable transport infrastructure and potentially the region’s first science and technology park. The Council has always been clear that growth must come with improved infrastructure and part of that infrastructure must be digital.

With the need for faster connectivity expected to dramatically increase over the coming years, the Council aims to stimulate the market by making the deployment of gigabit-capable full fibre infrastructure more commercially viable. The Burgess Hill project, will see the public and private sector working together to install the gigabit-capable full fibre infrastructure in Burgess Hill as part of the broader regeneration and development plans.

The construction and regeneration work that's planned for Burgess Hill represents a real opportunity to install digital infrastructure, including full fibre, during the construction, road building and regeneration projects. The 'dig once' approach in these areas creates less disruption for residents and can be completed at a very much lower cost than when the same infrastructure is added later.



Grants of £2000 available to small businesses

Business grantsDo you need a bit of extra funding to help your small business to grow in Mid Sussex?

We’ve opened applications for our 2018/19 Micro business grants scheme and grants of up to £2000 are available to any Mid Sussex business that has less than 10 employees and an idea for a project that will help their business grow.

Up to £1500 is also available to help micro businesses take on an apprentice.This is the second year that Mid Sussex District Council has offered grant funding to help support the local economy and encourage sustainable business growth. Last year, our micro-business grants helped more than 40 local companies to expand and develop their business in Mid Sussex and we’re keen to have the same impact in 2018.

The grants are provided on a first come first served basis so apply now at 

Long-term empty home undergoes remarkable transformation

A house in East Grinstead that has stood empty for over 20 years has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Mid Sussex District Council obtained a Compulsory Purchase Order for 125 Queen's Road in East Grinstead following a number of complaints from local residents about the poor condition of the property and the state of the gardens.

The Council tried for many years to persuade the owner to carry out the necessary improvements to the house but Legal Notices were ignored and the property remained empty and in a poor state of repair. 

The Compulsory Purchase allowed the council to put the house on the open market and find new owners that were willing to complete all the required improvement works and bring the property back into use.

The house was purchased in December 2017 and work started almost immediately to transform the rundown shell into 3 modern flats. The renovation work took just 3 months and was completed at the start of April 2018.

Universal Credit roll out

Universal CreditMid Sussex is the latest area to join the Government’s flagship Univeral Credit scheme, an online application system that came into place on Wednesday 6th June.

Universal Credit will provide financial assistance for people of working age on a low income, including those in work, and is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It is a single monthly payment which will eventually replace Income Support, Income Related Job Seeker's Allowance, Income Related Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

Anyone receiving existing benefits will see no change, but will gradually be moved over to the new Universal Credit system over time. If your situation changes you will, in most circumstances, be moved over to the new Universal Credit and use that system from then on.

All new claimants from 6th June 2018 will need to apply online at 

Universal Credit aims to simplify the complex process and many different elements involved in applying for financial support.

Computers are available in our reception area and at local libraries for applicants to use. Local Citizens Advice centres will also provide Assisted Digital and Personal Budgeting Support to customers in receipt of, or applying for, Universal Credit and we plan to have a presence in Job Centres within the district.

Council Tax Support is not included in the switch to Universal Credit and applications must continue to be made to the local authority. In addition, we have a limited fund of Discretionary Housing Payment to help those with a shortfall of housing costs within their Universal Credit.

Full details on Universal Credit including how to apply for Council Tax Support and DHP are available at

New website to follow Burgess Hill growth

Burgess Hill is a well-connected, attractive place to live and in the next few years will see significant growth and investment to ensure it continues to be a modern, thriving town where residents can live, work and play.

You can now keep track of all the proposed changes and follow the growth of the town on , a dedicated website that is home to all the latest information.

The Council has prepared a Strategic Growth Programme for Burgess Hill that will transform the local economy, create thousands of new high value jobs in technology-led industries, and make Burgess Hill one of the most attractive places in the region to live and to do business.

Key projects include:

- 3,500 new homes at the Northern Arc, 30% of which will be affordable housing
- two new primary schools and a secondary school to help meet the demand for school places and provide further choice for local families
- a dedicated centre for community sport
- dualling the A2300 to improve connectivity and ease congestion
- 465,000 sq ft of new town centre shopping and dining facilities
- gigabit broadband infrastructure
- new playgrounds, parks and community open space
- new community leisure and health facilities
- a new business parks with 25 hectares of employment space
- a science and technology park creating a high number of skilled jobs
- protection and enhancement of the Green Circle network
- a new spine road between the A2300 and the A273 Isaac’s Lane across the development to improve traffic flow
- £12 million for improved transport links

The Strategic Growth Programme for Burgess Hill is the most ambitious programme of change anywhere in the sub-region. Our ambition is to transform the local economy, creating thousands of new high value jobs in technology-led industries, and making Burgess Hill one of the most attractive places in the region to live and to do business. Join us on our journey at




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