Issue 12, July 2018


Go with the flow - new skatepark for Haywards Heath

Local skateboarders, BMX enthusiasts and scooter riders in Haywards Heath can enjoy some of the best facilities in the area thanks to a brand new skate park.

The facility has been designed by the experts at Maverick Industries, a skater run business that has installed some of the best skateparks in the UK. It has been made of concrete to ensure users have a fast and perfectly smooth ride with plenty of flow lines to choose from.

The new skatepark design features a mix of ramp and street elements, designed to flow effortlessly together, yet also function as 3 distinct 'zones'. At the entrance is an open-plan 'street' area featuring a hipped bank with inset grind ledge. The central zone has a 6ft roll-in, leading to a unique, hipped box-jump, and a 6ft quarter pipe extension. Towards the rear of the site is 2 x 4ft half pipes linked by a spine ramp.

There is a circuit around the main space utilising the street bank, the roller between the spine and box jump, and the corner pockets in the transitions, which gives the feel of a 'bowl'-type setup. The new skatepark has been designed to ensure it is suitable for all ages, abilities and disciplines, and can be shared safely by multiple users at any one time.

We hosted a Skate Jam in April to officially launch the new skatepark and local riders had the chance to win some great prizes like a GT BMX bike frame, T-shirts, caps, grips, pedals, Animal backpacks and NASS Weekend Camping tickets. There were also demos by pro riders Scott Hamlin, Harry Boucher, Danny Miles and Charlie Lawlor.


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