Issue 13, October 2018


£20million improvement proposals for A2300 corridor in Burgess Hill

A2300 proposalsWest Sussex County Council recently announced proposals for more than £20 million worth of highway improvements to improve traffic flow along the A2300 corridor and bring economic benefits to Burgess Hill and the surrounding area.

The plans, which include widening the A2300, providing a new footway/cycleway and the addition of new roundabouts, were recently displayed at a series of public exhibitions in Burgess Hill and Hurstpierpoint. They can be be viewed online at until Sunday 28 October.

The A2300 improvements are an important part of the Burgess Hill Growth Programme, which will deliver significant development and investment over the next 15 years including 5,000 new homes, new schools, gigabit capable, full-fibre broadband, new business parks, regeneration of the town centre and the region’s first science and technology park.

The delivery of supporting infrastructure is an essential part of the plans and these improvements to the A2300, alongside further investment in sustainable transport, will be key to unlocking the future prosperity of the town.

If you would like to find out more about future plans for Burgess Hill visit


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Savers can earn 50p for every £1 thanks to new Government backed saving plan

Hardworking people on low incomes can benefit from a new Government savings account that offers a 50% bonus. Help to Save will reward savers with an extra 50p for every £1 saved, meaning over 4 years a maximum saving of £2,400 would result in an overall bonus of £1,200. 

Help to Save is easy to use, flexible and secure, will help those on low incomes build up a ‘rainy day’ fund, and encourage savings behaviours and habits. How much is saved and when is up to the account holder, and they don’t need to pay in every month to get a bonus.

Help to Save is available to working people on Tax Credits and Universal Credit.

Account holders can save between £1 and £50 every calendar month and accounts last for four years from the date the account is opened.  After two years, savers get a 50% tax-free bonus on savings. If saving continues there is another 50% tax-free bonus after four years.

On maximum savings of £2,400 over 4 years, the overall bonus would be £1,200.

To apply, savers can visit or use the HMRC app.