Issue 13, October 2018


World's End playground plans revealed

Worlds End playground plansThe latest design of our new playground at World's End Recreation Ground in Burgess Hill is available to view online now

The new equipment will have exciting play opportunities for children of all abilities and we will be providing a Changing Places Toilet ( so families can enjoy their visit for longer and make full use of the new inclusive play area.

The new playground equipment will feature:

- an area for toddlers with swings and a small climbing frame and slide
- a variety of different swings, including a wheelchair accessible swing and a multiperson swing
- a trampoline built into the ground
- a wheelchair accessible roundabout
- a large climbing frame inspired by the tree house designs produced by pupils of Manor Field School

The next stage is to apply for planning permission and, if the plans are approved, work will start on site towards the end of winter, with a view to opening the new playground before next summer.



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Help to Save is easy to use, flexible and secure, will help those on low incomes build up a ‘rainy day’ fund, and encourage savings behaviours and habits. How much is saved and when is up to the account holder, and they don’t need to pay in every month to get a bonus.

Help to Save is available to working people on Tax Credits and Universal Credit.

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