Issue 14 January 2019


Bring your Poll Card on 2 May

Poll card advertLocal District, Town and Parish Council elections take place on 2 May 2019 and for the first time in Mid Sussex, every resident must bring their poll card with them to the polling station in order to be able to vote.

Mid Sussex is taking part in a new Voter ID pilot to provide the Government with further insight into how to make the voting process even more secure. Selected councils from across the UK will be testing out four different models of Voter ID checks. In Mid Sussex, voters will be asked to present their polling cards as a means of identification.

You should receive your poll card through the post on or shortly after 21 March 2019. It will be unique to you so please keep it safe and bring it to the polling station with you on election day (2 May 2019). If you do not receive your poll card or you misplace it, please contact the Council immediately by emailing or calling 01444 477222.

Anyone who does not bring their poll card with them to vote will be asked to provide another form of photo ID, including a UK or EU photo-card driving licence (full or provisional) or a valid British, European or Commonwealth passport.

For information about specified photo ID visit


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