Issue 14 January 2019


Bedelands walkways upgraded

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to be more active and make the most of the beautiful Mid Sussex countryside then a visit to Bedelands Nature Reserve could be just what you need.

The 80 acre Nature Reserve in Burgess Hill consists of ancient meadows, woodland, hedgerows and ponds, which make it a haven for a variety of wildlife. It's a beautiful place for a woodland stroll in peaceful surroundings.

If you haven't visited Bedelands recently then you may not be aware that we made some improvements to the paths last summer to protect them against the wet weather. In the past, areas of Bedelands became boggy during the wet autumn and winter months so we have installed some new wooden boardwalks and rolled stone paths in these areas so that people can enjoy a walk all year round.

The improvements will help walkers to stay clean and dry while they enjoy the nature reserve and they are also suitable for wheelchair users, making more of bedelands accessible to people with disabilities.

Our Park Rangers organise a range of healthy walks, for people of all abilities, at locations across the District. If you would like to find out more about walking in Mid Sussex visit


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