Issue 14 January 2019


Community litter-pickers clean up!

Litter pickingWe would like to say a big thank you to the employees of American Express in Burgess Hill who started the new year in positive fashion by doing some litter-picking at Bedelands Farm Local Nature Reserve.

Our contractors do a great job looking after our busiest parks and open spaces but there are always some areas which cannot be covered as frequently. Sadly there are still people who are frankly too lazy to throw their litter in the bin, so we welcome anyone who is willing to tackle this unsightly issue and do a bit of tidying up.

If you would like to form a group and help to protect the local environment by doing a spot of litter-picking at one of our parks or open spaces then we would love to hear from you.

Litter-picking is an excellent team building challenge. It’s a great opportunity for colleagues to get a bit of light exercise whilst enjoying a change of scenery from their usual office environment, getting outside in the fresh air and doing something positive for the local community and wildlife.

If you’re interested in arranging a litter-picking session for a site near you, please email our Park Rangers at We have a number of litter-picking sticks which we are happy to lend out to groups and we also supply bin bags and agree a convenient place for any bags of litter collected to be left at the end, so that they can be taken away.

It’s a shame that not everybody does the right thing by binning their litter in the first place but we greatly appreciate the valuable help we get from local residents who help us to keep Mid Sussex clean and tidy.


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