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Food waste collection trial proposed for Mid Sussex

Mid Sussex could become the first District in the county to introduce weekly food waste collections to its rubbish and recycling service.

The average household bin in Mid Sussex contains 41% food waste, so a kerbside food waste collection service would enable residents to recycle more waste and help protect the environment.

Our Scrutiny Committee has recommended to Cabinet that we undertake a trial of food waste collections, in partnership with West Sussex County Council, to see how they would work in our area.

The proposed trial service comprises of a ‘1-2-3’ collection system:

  1. Introducing weekly collections of food waste and absorbent hygiene products e.g. nappies and incontinence waste, so everything that smells is collected weekly.
  2. Retaining existing fortnightly recycling collections and the garden waste subscription service.
  3. The black bin should have much less waste in it when food waste is taken out so it will be collected every three weeks.

If approved, the trial will involve approximately 3,000 households and we will contact those selected to take part with much more information over the next few months.

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