Corporate Plan and Budget 2020/21

CalculatorWork to approve our 2020/21 Corporate Plan and Budget continues to progress. Draft proposals were formally considered by our Scrutiny Committee for Leader, Finance and Performance on Wednesday 15 January and once again the focus is on supporting the local economy, the protection of frontline services and investment in community facilities.

The financial outlook facing local government continues to be challenging. Over the past 10 years, the Revenue Support Grant we receive from Central Government has reduced massively from £6.4 million to zero. To bridge the financial gap we must continue to maintain a tight control over costs, generate our own income and find cost effective ways of delivering local services.

In the 2020/21 Budget proposals, the Mid Sussex element of Council Tax is proposed to rise by £4.95 in order for the council to keep up with inflation. The cost of our optional Garden Waste Collection Service will rise from £65 to £70 per year and there will be a slight increase to the fees we charge for pre-application planning advice.

We will continue to invest throughout the District during 2020/21, delivering some of our most ambitious projects to date.

We're accelerating the roll out of full fibre internet by installing spine network in Burgess Hill that is capable of speeds over 1 gigabit per second. This network will dramatically improve internet connectivity in the town and provide access points for neighbouring towns and villages to tap into. This essential digital infrastructure will provide a huge boost for the local economy, transform public services and provide numerous opportunities for local residents.

Work will be carried out to update and modernise equipment at six local playgrounds, we will be purchasing additional temporary accommodation to help local families avoid homelessness and we're at the start of a three year project to modernise and regenerate The Orchards shopping centre in Haywards Heath. We will also be providing a network of electric vehicle charging points at town and village locations across Mid Sussex to encourage residents, businesses and visitors to switch to electric powered transport.

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