Landlords Wanted

Landlords wantedThere is a shortage of affordable housing available in Mid Sussex, both in the private rented and social sector, so it’s vitally important to find new ways of increasing the housing stock.

To provide more homes for those in housing need and provide increased opportunities for local landlords we've launched our Private Sector Leasing Scheme.

Under the scheme, we lease properties from private landlords for between two and five years. The scheme helps us to increase the number of local homes we have available for families in housing need, means we can offer a better quality of temporary accommodation and helps people to move into properties that suit their needs.

It’s an excellent scheme for landlords too because there’s no management fee, no commission to pay and they receive a guaranteed rental income for the duration of the contract, even if no one is living in the property.

If you are interested in leasing your property to the council, or would like to find out more about the scheme, contact Denise Nicholson in our Housing team on 01444 477248, email or visit 

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