Who is exempt from council tax?

Council Tax billEvery home in the UK is placed into a council tax band by the Government's Valuation Office. All properties are banded on the same basis, including properties bought under discount schemes, such as Right to Buy.

However, in some cases residents are exempt from paying the bill. This generally depends on who lives in the property or how it is being used.

Properties are exempt if all the people living in them are:-

- full-time students or people aged under 18
- members of the armed forces in armed forces accommodation
- people who have moved into a care home or hospital, people living with somebody else to receive care for reasons of old age, disability, illness, past or present alcohol or drug dependence or past or present mental disorder
- people with severe mental impairment

Even if you do not qualify for an exemption you may still qualify for a 25% or 50% discount if any of the people living with you are in one of these categories. For more information visit 

If in doubt please apply to our Revenues Service at or by telephone to 01444 477564.

Also, if you are struggling to pay your Council Tax, please come and talk to us.

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