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Tennis courts available againThe latest advice from the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) is that the risk of infection outside is significantly lower than inside, so people are now permitted to spend more time outside in our local parks and open spaces. However, social distancing is as important as ever in order to control the spread of coronavirus, so people must remain at least two metres apart and can only meet up with one person from outside their household.

Our playgrounds and outdoor gyms remain closed to the public due to the higher risk of close contact and the health implications of touching shared surfaces.

The good news is that tennis activity in England is now allowed to take place outside and our outdoor tennis courts are available for online booking. Visit for the latest guidance for players, coaches and venues prior to booking.

You can book online using our website

Please keep dogs on leads

DogsWhen you are out exercising in public areas please ensure your dog is kept under close control.

Use a lead in areas being used by other people as this helps ensure the required two metre distance to others. Our pets don’t understand social distancing and are naturally inquisitive, wanting to interact both with people and other dogs. Please be mindful of this and keep your distance to help everyone stay safe.

The Dogs Trust has produced a useful guide to ensuring your canine companion stays healthy during lockdown and there are some top tips on how you can keep your dog happy and active at home if you need to self-isolate due to coronavirus. 

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Follow the countryside code

countrysideThe coronavirus pandemic and the need to maintain social distancing has led many of us in Mid Sussex to explore the local countryside. Getting out of the house for essential exercise is important for both physical and mental health.

We live in a beautiful part of the country and we all have an important role to play in protecting it and each other. If you're exercising in your local countryside, please act responsibly by following the Countryside Code.

Make sure you always pick up after your dog and take your litter home with you.

Follow the advice on local signs. England has about 190,000 km (118,000 miles) of public rights of way, providing many opportunities to enjoy the natural environment. Please wear gloves or use hand sanitiser when using gates.

A farmer will normally close gates to keep farm animals in, but may sometimes leave them open so the animals can reach food and water. Leave gates as you find them or follow instructions on signs.

Protect the natural environment by taking special care not to damage, destroy or remove features such as rocks, plants and trees. They provide homes and food for wildlife and add to everybody’s enjoyment of the countryside.

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