Issue 19 September 2020


Electoral Canvass 2020

Have you responded to the Annual Electoral Canvass?

Each year, everyone in the UK must confirm their electoral registration details are up-to-date by responding to the annual electoral canvass. This information is then used to ensure the electoral register is accurate.

So far, 93% of households across Mid Sussex have confirmed their details as part of the Annual Electoral Canvass but now we must follow up with all the properties who have not yet provided a response.

Please look out for an e-mail or form in the post containing details about who is registered to vote at your property and how to respond. By responding, you ensure you have a voice at future elections and maintain your credit rating.

You can find more information on the Annual Electoral Canvass on our website at:


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Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) across West Sussex are starting to open up more fully, with most sites now accepting trailers.

Single axle trailers are now accepted at Burgess Hill and East Grinstead Household Waste Recycling Sites but you will still need to bring a permit for these types of vehicle.

The East Grinstead HWRS will now open for seven days a week while the Crawley HWRS is closed following a fire.

These changes will make it easier for residents to use the sites and to recycle. Anyone planning on visiting a site is encouraged to check for the most up to date information. 

To apply for a trailer permit, visit: