Cutting edge tech company invests in Mid Sussex

Universal QuantumGround breaking new computer technology is set to be developed in the heart of Mid Sussex with the opening of a new Universal Quantum laboratory in Haywards Heath.

We’ve approved plans for the new Universal Quantum research and development facility on the Mill Green Business Estate in Haywards Heath. The cutting edge technology company is building the world’s first million qubit quantum computer in a bid to unlock the full potential of quantum computing and change the world for the better.

Dr Sebastian Weidt, Co-Founder and CEO of Universal Quantum said:

“At Universal Quantum, we are building quantum computers to tackle real-world problems and we’re thrilled to make the next step in our journey by building our new headquarters and quantum computing facility in Mid Sussex.

“Our new facility will house world-leading quantum computers that can help solve complex problems in everything from medicine to climate change – problems that would take today’s fastest supercomputers billions of years to solve.

“While we are a company focusing on deep tech, our culture and people come first, and this is where Haywards Heath is the perfect match for us. It’s a great place to live, has a vibrant high street and direct transport links to key areas such as London, Brighton, Gatwick airport and Cambridge, providing our employees and partners with easy access to the facility.

“We expect to grow our team to around 100 at this location with new hires ranging from electronic engineers to physicists, software engineers and operations experts, to name a few. Our broader vision for the area is to help establish a quantum computing ecosystem with the co-location of relevant businesses.”

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