Cutting edge tech company invests in Mid Sussex

Universal QuantumGround breaking new computer technology is set to be developed in the heart of Mid Sussex with the opening of a new Universal Quantum laboratory in Haywards Heath.

We’ve approved plans for the new Universal Quantum research and development facility on the Mill Green Business Estate in Haywards Heath. The cutting edge technology company is building the world’s first million qubit quantum computer in a bid to unlock the full potential of quantum computing and change the world for the better.

Dr Sebastian Weidt, Co-Founder and CEO of Universal Quantum said:

“At Universal Quantum, we are building quantum computers to tackle real-world problems and we’re thrilled to make the next step in our journey by building our new headquarters and quantum computing facility in Mid Sussex.

“Our new facility will house world-leading quantum computers that can help solve complex problems in everything from medicine to climate change – problems that would take today’s fastest supercomputers billions of years to solve.

“While we are a company focusing on deep tech, our culture and people come first, and this is where Haywards Heath is the perfect match for us. It’s a great place to live, has a vibrant high street and direct transport links to key areas such as London, Brighton, Gatwick airport and Cambridge, providing our employees and partners with easy access to the facility.

“We expect to grow our team to around 100 at this location with new hires ranging from electronic engineers to physicists, software engineers and operations experts, to name a few. Our broader vision for the area is to help establish a quantum computing ecosystem with the co-location of relevant businesses.”

New electric cars reduce carbon emissions

New electric cars for Civil Enforcement Officers Our Parking Enforcement team will be keeping the air clean while they keep the streets clear, thanks to three new electric vehicles.

The Civil Enforcement Officers carry out daily patrols across the District to ensure public safety and the free movement of traffic, especially for the emergency services. Converting to electric cars will help to improve local air quality in Mid Sussex and will save more than 9 tonnes of carbon every year.

The switch to electric vehicles is part of our Sustainability Strategy, which looks at ways to protect the environment, tackle climate change and cut Greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Other energy saving initiatives introduced by the Council include the installation of solar panels on Council buildings and switching to energy efficient windows, heating and lighting.

The Parking Enforcement team is a partnership service between Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council, providing enforcement both on street and in car parks across Mid Sussex. The rest of our parking enforcement fleet will be replaced with electric vehicles when their current leases expire.

Have your say on the new political map for Mid Sussex District Council

Local Government Boundary CommissionThe Local Government Boundary Commission wants to hear what residents and local organisations think about their proposed new ward boundaries for Mid Sussex District Council. A 10-week consultation on the proposals will run until 8 November 2021.

The Commission is the independent body that draws these boundaries. It is reviewing Mid Sussex to make sure councillors will represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements will help the council work effectively.

The Commission has published proposals for changes to Mid Sussex. It is proposing that there should be 25 wards with five one-councillor wards, 17 two-councillor wards, and three three-councillor wards. 23 wards will have their boundaries changed, with three wards (Burgess Hill Franklands, Burgess Hill St Andrews and Copthorne) remaining the same.

The Commission has a dedicated section on its website where people can see the detail of the proposals and comment on the names of wards, their boundaries, and the number of councillors per ward:

You can also give your views by e-mail at, and by post to Review Officer (Mid Sussex), LGBCE, PO Box 133, Blyth NE24 9FE.

West Sussex Retail Hub launched to support local shops

West Sussex Retail Hub logoThe West Sussex Retail Hub launched in July to support independent retail businesses across West Sussex.

With high street businesses continuing to face challenges, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hub presents retailers with the opportunity to access FREE, expert-led, online training that's tailored to the needs of local shops. 

The online portal is designed to help business owners in West Sussex learn, develop and grow their businesses. There are over 100 videos available on demand, created by 10 subject matter experts, and regular Q&A sessions to help resolve specific issues. The videos are only 2-4 minutes long, so retailers can learn new skills in bite sized chunks.

The funding for the creation of the content and website has been provided by the seven District and Borough Councils in West Sussex.

West Sussex retailers can sign up now at  

Work continues to progress on the Northern Arc

Northern Arc infrastructure improvementsHomes England has recently appointed Bellway as the next house builder at the Northern Arc development in Burgess Hill. Bellway will build 249 homes to the east of the site and develop some public open spaces, including the Lowlands Farm extension to Bedelands Nature Reserve. In July, Bellway held a pre-application consultation ahead of the submission of their Reserved Matters planning application, which will be submitted in October 2021.

Countryside Properties are building 460 homes at the Northern Arc, over 50% of them as Affordable Housing. Work has progressed at their Freeks Farm site, with homes being constructed and the new bridge to the north of the site almost finished.

Alongside the new homes being built, Homes England also continues to fund important infrastructure for the Northern Arc. Jackson Civil Engineering is building the Western Link road, which will join the Northern Arc avenue to the A2300 and Jane Murray Way. They have made progress on the northern half of the A2300 roundabout, and works to the southern half have begun. Design work continues for later stages of the project, including the roundabout with Jane Murray Way and the link road itself. John Sisk & Son is working on the Eastern Bridge and Link Road which will join Freeks Lane to Isaacs Lane. They have been constructing a site access road and installing tree protection fencing which shields protected trees from potential damage during construction. Work on the link road itself has now begun.

For the latest news on the Northern Arc project, please visit the Facebook page at You can find important project documents and other information at

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