Issue 22 September 2021


Work continues to progress on the Northern Arc

Northern Arc infrastructure improvementsHomes England has recently appointed Bellway as the next house builder at the Northern Arc development in Burgess Hill. Bellway will build 249 homes to the east of the site and develop some public open spaces, including the Lowlands Farm extension to Bedelands Nature Reserve. In July, Bellway held a pre-application consultation ahead of the submission of their Reserved Matters planning application, which will be submitted in October 2021.

Countryside Properties are building 460 homes at the Northern Arc, over 50% of them as Affordable Housing. Work has progressed at their Freeks Farm site, with homes being constructed and the new bridge to the north of the site almost finished.

Alongside the new homes being built, Homes England also continues to fund important infrastructure for the Northern Arc. Jackson Civil Engineering is building the Western Link road, which will join the Northern Arc avenue to the A2300 and Jane Murray Way. They have made progress on the northern half of the A2300 roundabout, and works to the southern half have begun. Design work continues for later stages of the project, including the roundabout with Jane Murray Way and the link road itself. John Sisk & Son is working on the Eastern Bridge and Link Road which will join Freeks Lane to Isaacs Lane. They have been constructing a site access road and installing tree protection fencing which shields protected trees from potential damage during construction. Work on the link road itself has now begun.

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