New Electric Vehicle Charging Points start to rollout

EV charging pointsThe electric vehicle revolution has arrived in West Sussex with the large-scale roll-out of thousands of EV charging points over the next decade.

We're working with West Sussex County Council and Connected Kerb, one of the UK’s leading providers of EV charging infrastructure, to fund, install and maintain thousands of charging points on streets, in public sector car parks and on community facilities.

New EV Charging Points are being installed in Mid Sussex right now, with the first six going live at Vicarage Road Car Park in East Grinstead at the end of April. A further 52 will be connected around the District over the next month, with all of the new EV Charging Points due to be live by June this year.

This initial rollout is just the start of a much bigger project that will see thousands of chargepoints installed on streets, in public sector car parks and on community facilities across West Sussex within the next ten years.

As we enter 2022, only eight years remain until the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles comes into force. While demand is not yet at the levels required for a full transition to electric, it is critical that the county readies itself in advance by deploying long-lasting infrastructure where it is needed. It is anticipated that the scheme will provide a blueprint for other local authorities within the UK. Making electric vehicles affordable, sustainable and accessible for all regardless of social status, physical ability or location is essential to meeting both the 2030 deadline and the 2050 aspiration of meeting net zero.

Significantly, the charging points do more than just charge electric vehicles. They can support future technologies such as 5G, IoT and air quality sensors, delivering to West Sussex future-proofed infrastructure as the drive towards tomorrow’s smart cities gathers pace.

Dr Chris Pateman-Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Connected Kerb, said: “Knowing you can arrive at virtually any location, at any time, in any vehicle and charge your battery without inconvenience or faff is the reality we must deliver to create an EV society. This project – the largest of its kind in the UK – personifies that future, helping residents to reduce their carbon footprint and making electric vehicle charging accessible to those without off-street parking. Forward-thinking partners like the West Sussex Councils are driving forward the EV transition at pace – simultaneously providing a blueprint for other local authorities across the UK to do the same. Their example will help the entire country meet its net zero goals by 2050.”

You can let West Sussex County Council know where you would like new chargepoints to be located by visiting at

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